YoBizNet assembly kit, and the material to assemble the “Valve Stems”, will be provided to interested persons or groups, who then can assemble the valve stems and earn 10 cents per piece up to $15 dollars per hour. Each individual, in essence, owns their own business, and can work at their own pace. Anyone 18 years or older, and able to perform small assembly tasks, may qualify to be a member of the Young Business Network.

Each person that wants to be part of the YoBizNet small parts assembly program is asked to purchase their assembly kit. There are two basic types of assembly kits; one in which you can earn $60 per week, working 1 hour per day, and one in which you can earn $300 per week. Students will be limited to the $60 per week assembly kit.

Membership registration is free, however those interested should apply as soon as possible due to the limitations in the number of applicants needed.

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